Why Grotech

Past experience of handling and successfully delivering mega size project within stipulated time frame.

  • Having required infrastructure within the company.
    • Qualified team of 120 Personals.
    • Tools and Machineries in Quantity.
    • Manpower – 1000-1200 workers engaged.
    • Backup team of electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and others.
    • In-house surveying team with state-of the art equipments.
  • Tie up with Crystal Fountains, Singapore for Fountain projects.
  • Only Company Having Facilities for Civil Works, Fountain Works and Electrical Works Within the Company.
  • In-house Design section for Shop Drawings and as built drawings. Etc.
  • Strong financial setup and background. 
  • Import division within group to import any kind of material.
  • Following good reporting system internally and with PMC and clients.
  • Experience to work with mechanical methods and machineries.
  • Past record of performing time bound projects.
  • Best coordination skills of all team members for interface activities and dealing with PMC and Client.
  • Past experience to work with International Architects.
    • Belt Collins, SIngapore.
    • Cracknell, London.
    • Moshe Safdie and Associates, USA.
  •  Client satisfaction, Repetition of projects with same clients and Relationship with clients for longer period.