This aspect of landscaping is also approached in broader way from developing grass lands / forestry Palm island with blends of colorful shrubs & ground covers.In softscaping we give emphasis to preparation of soil media and afterwards maintain to create our visualized dream as a true picture.


At Grotech, we don't treat hardscape as only developing pathways, or driveways- but it's a vast field covering from land profile development to creating utility structures and landscaping elements. We have a specialized team to do any kind of stone works from rough to finished artistic details.

We also have specialized team for Wood and Metal works.

Water Feature

Water feature is one of the most important aspect while planning landscape projects, which enhances liveliness of landscape. It requires appropriate selection of features, and precision in development.We enjoy to work for different and innovative kind of water fountains, and luxurious swimming pools.


This is one of the most important aspect while planning landscape projects.

It helps to optimize water uses and reduce expenses on man power, Now a days, in most of the projects we are using ETP and STP water for irrigation purposes which helps our clients to create water cycle for their environmental social responsibilities.

Landscape Lighting

This aspect of landscaping is more towards aesthetics values rather then minimal requirement. We started up this activity; in our company to avoid interface hurdles with other agencies.

Vertical Walls

This dimension of landscaping is quite new to Indian market.Creating / Designing and Introducing new concept is our field of Interest and because of increase in demand we ventured in this element of landscaping.

We are into intensive research to reduce the pricing with more of indigenous product to make it affordable.

Landscape Maintenance

Grotech's definition of Landscape Maintenance: Maintenance involves “SCIENCE” and “ART”

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