Landscape Maintenance

In present scenario specifically in India, people define maintenance as giving water and shaping up of the area/plants etc. This non-scientific or non-technical practice is not lifting up the beauty but in actually, is killing the plants internal. This significantly reduces plant’s growth and health. Therefore an expert will not call it as maintenance.

Our definition of Landscape Maintenance:

Maintenance involves “SCIENCE” and “ART”

SCIENCE: Controlled application of water, fertilizers, chemical etc considering behavior of plant according to local climate. Because wrong, less and excess application of any of these can affect the plants growth and health. In different climate condition different plants require variable amount of water, fertilizers and chemicals etc. Controlled application will help in dense, healthy and fast plants and will result in lush green gardens.

ART: ART is shaping up of the area to enhance the aesthetic appearance or to get the desired profile.

Grotech gives value to both SCIENCE AND ART but other believes in ART only.

Few Benefits:

  1. Green Projects Rating: More healthy and dense plants will increase the surface area for respiration. This will create healthy environment by reducing the atmospheric CO2 and increasing O2. Hence it will add credit to achieve Green rating.
  2. Growth: Controlled application of water, fertilizers or chemical etc at favorable time will help in fast growing of plants. Hence will achieve desire profile of area in lesser time frame.
  3. Natural Resource Conservation: Denser the plants lesser will be the surface run-off. Hence add to water conservation.
  4. Hygienic Air Quality: Denser the plants lesser will be soil erosion due to wind or rains. This will provide more clean air.
  5. Naturally Fragranced Ambiance: Healthy and denser the plants will give more natural fragrances. This will create cool and naturally fragrances ambiance.


From above referred matter, we conclude that landscape maintenance is not only shaping up of area rather it is a composition of science and art that later helps in natural conservations and pollution controlling. So these factors will always enhance the cost factor in comparison to others.